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Strep Throat Testing and Treatment in Greer, SC

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Strep Throat Testing and Treatment in Greer, SC

When a bad case of strep throat happens in the family, there is sure to be some stress and pain involved. Strep throat can be a huge discomfort any time of the year, and especially when it happens during a busy time with school, work or the holidays. When most families experience a strep throat outbreak at home, they rush to the nearest hospital for medical attention. While this can sometimes be effective, it most often involves hours of waiting time at an urgent care hospital center before a physician or nurse is available to help. At AFC Urgent Care in Greer, SC our urgent care professionals offer a convenient alternative to the time-consuming hospital urgent care centers that families usually choose when strep throat happens. Our family care clinic in Greer, SC offers walk-in urgent care services for every member of the family, including children and seniors.

AFC Urgent Care Greer focuses on providing the best possible urgent care services in the Greer area, all at affordable prices and in a timely manner. As soon as you walk into our urgent care clinic, you will receive compassionate and confidential medical care for your case of strep throat. In addition to our unique focus on timely urgent care services, our walk-in care clinic also offers flexible hours every day of the week for your family. We know that strep throat can happen to anyone at anytime, so we try to make top notch urgent care services accessible to our patients during flexible hours.

At AFC Urgent Care Greer, our doctors are all Board Certified and have years of experience treating strep throat and other urgent care medical conditions. We often receive questions about strep throat, and what is involved in the treatment and diagnosis process. Here are some common questions about strep throat that you may have:

What causes strep throat?

Strep throat is caused by a bacterial infection called Group A Streptococcus, which causes an infection in the body. The response of the body is strep throat, an inflammatory reaction.

What are the symptoms of strep throat?

Strep throat is usually painful, and is accompanied by red/swollen tonsils with white spots. Sometimes lymph nodes can be tender as well.

How is strep throat cured and treated?

Oral antibiotics are often used to treat strep throat, but in some cases reinfection can occur.

Who can get strep throat?

Unfortunately, anyone can get strep throat and it is contagious. Children in school are highly susceptible to it since they are in close contact with other children all day.

If you have additional questions about strep throat or other urgent care illnesses and injuries, please do not hesitate to walk into AFC Urgent Care Greer today for medical attention! Our urgent care professionals are ready to help every member of the family with strep throat, among other minor medical emergencies. We look forward to helping you and your loved ones feel better soon!

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