Poison Ivy and Oak Rash Treatment in Greer, SC

AFC Urgent Care Center located at 1494 West Wade Hampton Blvd Suite C Greer, SC 29650 is open Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm and Sat – Sun 8am – 5pm with doctors who treat poison ivy and oak rash with no appointment necessary. Walk-in or call (864) 990-5967.

Poison Ivy & Other Plants to Avoid This Summer

Not sure if a rash is caused by a poisonous oak or ivy plant or something else? Stop by AFC Urgent Care Clinic in Greer today with no appointment needed. We provide board-certified doctors who can diagnose and treat your rash. You will also learn more about how best to protect your family from dangerous outdoor plants.

Venturing into the deep woods or just being outside is one of the highlights of summer. When outside however, you should be aware of certain poisonous plants. These plants can ruin weeks of summer with rashes and can be quite dangerous to some people. If you suspect or believe you’ve been exposed to one of these plants, stop by AFC Urgent Care Geer to be seen by one of our doctors. No appointment is needed or ever required to access our services.

There are many kinds of poisonous plants in nature, but the big three are poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac. These plants contain similar chemicals that can cause rashes when you come in contact with them. Urushiol is the substance that has ruined many summer vacations, maybe even your own when you were younger. It’s good to keep in mind that this is not a bacterium, so the rash can not spread once you’ve washed off the urushiol. However until it is washed off, this chemical can remain on your clothes and skin and spread to others by touch. You probably don’t realize how often you touch your face during the day or other objects. If you aren’t careful, you may end up making your rash far more widespread or spreading it to others who may have a severe reaction.

The Big Three