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Bug Bite and Insect Sting Treatment in Greer, SC

AFC Urgent Care Center’s physicians treat insect stings and bug bites in Greer, SC.

Bug Bite and Insect Sting Treatment in Greer, SC

Bug bites and insect stings can be irritating and painful throughout the year, and are especially abundant in the hot summer months in South Carolina. At AFC Urgent Care Center in Greer, SC, our medical team focuses on providing top notch care for insect stings and bug bites to every member of the family. We know how irritating bug bites and insect stings can be, and that they can sometimes be more severe than a simple itchy bump. Most families choose to rush to the nearest hospital center for urgent care services, but this usually results in hours of waiting time before a physician is available for consultation. At our urgent care clinic in Greer SC, we focus on providing every patient with timely and attentive care for their bug bites and insect stings, all while giving tips on treatment and preventative services.

While symptoms of insect stings and bug bites can vary, the most common are redness, swelling, itchiness, and rashes. More severe reactions can include difficulty breathing, and for these it is highly recommended that you see an emergency room physician immediately. For all other less severe symptoms, our urgent care professionals at AFC Urgent Care are happy to help and treat your bug bites and insect stings. Our doctors have years of experience in emergency medicine and bug bite and insect sting treatment. Some insects, such as mosquitos and ticks, can spread harmful diseases, which include West Nile virus and Lyme disease. It is important to get bug bites looked at by a doctor if you have been in an infected area with these insects.

AFC Urgent Care Greer is a family friendly clinic located in the heart of Greer, SC. We are happy to serve our community and provide a large variety of urgent care and primary care services to children, adults and seniors. If you or a loved one have experienced a bug bite or insect sting that you are worried about and require treatment or advice, please do not hesitate to walk into our urgent care clinic today- no appointment required! We look forward to helping you and your family feel healthier soon!

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